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Ervin's Pest Control has been renamed.
We are now 901 Pest Control !
Over the years Milton Ervin and Carl Forehand built a great business with customers located in the greater Memphis area from Shelby County to Tipton and Fayette Counties!  We felt it was time to rebrand this fabulous service company to help reflect our home-town focus on Memphis and the tri-county area!  Visit our new website:
Forehand Services Merges with Ervin!
Welcome to the family all Forehand Services Customers...  One family-owned and operated company merging with another family-owned company!  

You will find that we are jointly committed to customer service.  With Ervin & Forehand - you will never be a number, you are our customer and we value your business.

SAVE $150 on Termite Control

Ervin and Forehand Termite Damage to Home

Termites do more damage to homes in the south than fires, tornados and hurricanes!

Termites can be silent destroyers of your home.  Often the signs of termite infestation are not found until the damage has been done! 

Ervin Termite and Pest Control offers several termite options:

  1. Termite Liquid Treatment Plan
    • ​​This method provides immediate control for termites in and around your home.
  2. Termite Baiting Plan
    • ​​Termite baiting offers long-term termite control when termites are not active in your home. 
  3. Termite Monitoring Plan 
    • ​​Is an affordable way to start termite control with our convenient monthly EZ Pay program!
*Offer not valid with other discounts. Offer not valid for existing termite customers.  Valid only in West Tennessee Counties of Shelby, Tipton and Fayette.

Yes - I Want to Save $150 on Termite Control

Put Your Home and Family First!

Ervin and Forehand Pest Control Service Plans
Don't ​let pests become unwanted guests inside your home!
  • Ants and spiders are problems in the Memphis area!  Especially brown-recluse spiders and now fire ants!  Our technicians are trained to control both!
  • Household pests such as roaches can contribute to illnesses such as asthma.  Just one female German roach can produce 10,000 descendants in 1 year!
  • Outdoor pests like mosquitos now represent a threat of Zika Virus. 
  • Rodents such as squirrels and roof rats can damage your home's exterior, ruins your home's insulation and reduces energy efficiency, damage your personal items stored in attic and can even start fires by chewing on electrical wires!
Request a FREE In-Home Pest Inspection. Call (901) 327-8803 Today!

Your Choice of Pest Control Service Plans!

Ervin and Forehand Termite and Pest Control Home Protection Plan
Choose the pest control plan that fits your pest problem, your personal needs as well as budget!
  • Annual - 1 service per year. (for occasional pest problems)
  • Semi-Annual - 2 services per year.
  • Quarterly - 4 services per year.
  • Every-Other-Month - 6 services per year.
  • Monthly - 12 services per year. (for severe infestations)

Select the type of service you want:
  • Exterior Service Only
  • Interior Service Only
  • Both Interior and Exterior Service

Call (901) 327-8803 for more information about how our services can protect you and your family or business.
Ervin and Forehand Termite Swarmer
Termite Swarmers
Ervin and Forehand Termite Inspection of Memphis Homes
Termite swarmers occur in the spring when temperatures warm up. Swarms usually occur mid-late morning on sunny days.
Ervin and Forehand Termite Mud Tubes
Termite Mud Tubes
Termites build mud tubes as a highway to their subterranean colony where they feed the queen with cellulose obtained from wood.
Worker Termites
Ervin and Forehand Termite Workers
Termite Inspection is Critical!
Worker termites feed on the cellulose in wood and bring their food back to the colony to sustain life of the queen and soldiers.
In order to identify if your home has termites or conditions conducive to termites, a thorough inspection of your home must be conducted and a graph noting activity and damage.
Request a FREE In-Home Termite Inspection.  Call (901) 327-8803 Today!
Ervin and Forehand Mosquito Control Solutions
Ervin and Forehand Mosquito Control
Mosquito Bites
Only the female mosquito bites humans for blood meals.  They are attracted to carbon dioxide and live in vegetation around your home!
Ervin and Forehand Mosquito Service
Mosquito Service
Our mosquito service focuses on where mosquitos live and breed. Services are timed to help keep 
mosquitos away!
Enjoy Outdoor Life
Ervin and Forehand Mosquito Service Allows Use of Your Back Yard
Don't Be Held Hostage in Your Home!
Reclaim your backyard and tell mosquitos to get out!  We also offer special event mosquito service for parties, weddings, receptions!
Summer in the Memphis area is known to bring out mosquitos.  Not only are these insects annoying, they now represent a danger with the spread of the Zika virus! 
Request a FREE Mosquito & Yard Inspection.  Call (901) 327-8803 Today!
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  1. Receive $50 credit for each referral that buys our moquito control service service plan!
  2. Receive $75 credit for each referral that buys our pest control service plan! (minimum 4 services)
  3. Receive $100 credit for each referral that buys our termite control service plan!

Most of our business is earned by word of mouth - so we may as well give you (our customer) the credit you deserve!  A Big THANK YOU!  Just our way of thanking our valuable customers for their continued loyalty!
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